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Why You Need To Boost Your Alexa Ranking

Why You Need To Boost Your Alexa Ranking

Website traffic estimate sites such as Alexa are the go-to-place for a lot of modern-day marketers and consumers. What if a website has a high ranking in these traffic estimate sites? Marketers and consumers are more likely to trust purchasing from that site. Also, if your site is considered to have a noteworthy reputation with the sites likes Alexa, Google, Yahoo and Bing will rank you higher in search engines.

The real skill with website traffic is to put more eyes to your internet business and even if you have a bricks and mortar business you still need eyes on your business’ website for more prospective customers or clients. As you probably are aware at this point, more traffic or the most part means more cash in your pocket.

Regardless of what sort of website or business you have, your prosperity depends on getting the maximum amount of activity as could be expected. So, how do you get that all-important website traffic so you can boost your website Alexa ranking?

Most likely you are the same way as other online and offline entrepreneurs, you might have explored a countless alternative to increase your website traffic activity with no prevail. Well do not give up, the following three strategies could drive a lot of traffic to your website. And most importantly they will be targeted, willing to purchase or at the very least make inquiries about your products or services at which time you can capture their information for further marketing possibilities through email marketing.

Data Feeds

Why You Need To Boost Your Alexa Ranking

Do you like the thought of making hundreds even thousands of pages or real substance?

With Data feed, this is conceivable. Numerous online and offline business use data feed as an approach to assist with their marketing efforts. The concept surrounding data feed pages is very much like an online catalog built from the list of products, their description and their prices of individual items sold by your business.

If you have multiple products you can build multiple pages based on each individual product. Each page has a description of the products, a list of pros and cons (this gives the impression of openness and transparency to your prospective customer), and discounts or margins and of course the product or service prices. You can also read my article on how to use RSS Feeds to get more website traffic.

An awesome bonus of listing your products or services is the way that you will attract organic traffic (free eyes, these are the best) to your pages when people search for that specific item that you have available for purchase. This also increases your Alexa ranking because Alexa loves sites with plenty of organic traffic.  If you have a problem with your organic traffic, you can also read my article on 7 effective ways to fix your organic traffic problem.

Viral E-Books

Why You Need To Boost Your Alexa Ranking

Another great offer to have in your online marketing arsenal that can drastically boost your Alexa ranking is a viral eBook or report. More often than not, a viral eBook is a PDF what you send to your contacts, which contains your promoting messages and or a free gift of some value. It is called viral in light of the fact that each individual that gets the digital book is given the motivation to share your material with their contact list for some benefits such as a percentage of an affiliate product offered in the viral e-book. 

Before beginning a viral campaign, it is vital to make a hook (your prospect motivation to share your e-book or report) behind why individuals will need to go with your promotion message. A best possible reason is often compensation, either momentary or increases in status, people love to feel they were the first to provide their circle of influence with something new and exciting. The next best option is something that will make people laugh sharing a joke is as old as time is self and people love to share a laugh.

You get a sale but more importantly, your report with your website details all over it is very quickly turned viral, boosting your Alexa ranking as well. But I must stress do not just write junk and expect it to go viral, people love people that over deliver so over deliver and you will reap well.

This sort of viral e-book is profitable and is the staple of many successful marketers and there is no reason it could not work for you. You can also read my article on how viral marketing works in SEO.


Why You Need To Boost Your Alexa Ranking

At this point, you have most likely caught wind of the force of online weblogs better known as a Blog. In the event that you have not made one, then you ought to utilize blogging to exploit this traffic generating tool. With websites, you are giving your group of onlooker’s crisp new relevant content about your product genre. Your post is not directly about your products. However about the possible causes of the problem that your product or services solve.

People love blogs because they are a great source of information, search engines love them because done right, they are a great source of fresh content for them to promote to their customers. Alexa loves them too, because they are dynamic and evolving, with fresh new content on a regular basis. You can also read my article on how to start a blog successfully and make money.

There are many courses online that will tell you to set your blog up so and make sure you have one, but the most important of all of these is that you have relevant information. If you keep your readers coming back to read your articles and posts your blog will continue to drive traffic to your website which will keep you at the top of Alexa rankings.