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5 Major Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

5 Major Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

Affiliate marketing is one of the most ideal approaches to make a living from home. Affiliate programs give anybody with web access an opportunity to bring home the bacon while working on your PC or laptop.

Affiliate programs are generally free or extremely modest to join, simple to begin and ordinarily pay commissions all the time. So, more individuals are swinging to them as a way to begin a home-based business. 

On the other hand, there are five major affiliate marketing mistakes new marketers (and even some seasoned ones) tend to make that damages their business hugely. Here are five major affiliate marketing mistakes you should really avoid making.

Maintaining a wide birth from these common, but easy to fall into traps will rapidly and effortlessly enhance your possibilities of making good money and expand your affiliate payments.

Not investing the affiliate program before you begin advertising it

There is a saying “Those who fail to plan, plan to fall”. It truly is astounding exactly what number of would be affiliate marketers get the first affiliate program that comes there is a way or start promoting based on the grounds that it has a high commission rate or promote it in light of the fact that a large number of other marketers is advertising.

You need to look for programs that will suit your website's theme, you have to think of the program as an extension of what your website is about. If it will appeal to your audience and if it is something that they want and will enhance their experience on your website.

Not promoting in your signature file correctly

This is a big one, your signature on your emails, blog posts, forums post, is hot property. Numerous affiliates add a signature file to their outgoing email messages and discussion posts, yet they do not do it effectively. 

20 lines of content loaded with affiliate links to a pack of random offers is not viewed as a signature file, but more than likely will be consigned to the spam folder or worse.

A lot of forum sites will ban you from posting on their site altogether. Keep your signature file under five lines, make it relevant to the site/sites you’re posting to. If you have multiple offers, rotate them in your signature at the difference of your responses.

Not taking the time to re-write copy

5 Major Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

If you're’ like me you get a lot of emails in your inbox. You open your inbox and you see 5-6 or maybe even 10 emails from different marketers with the exact same copy. The headlines are the same and right down to the signature but only their name is changed. It means a SPAM ALERT.

There is nothing more annoying than seeing precisely the same message everywhere throughout the web or in email messages from 10 different advertisers. Man that is plain lazy and people hate it, and it is the quickest way to get some of your mailing lists.

Take your time to re-write the copy, change up the headline a bit. You do not have to do a major overhaul, just make it look different from everybody else and you will get a better opening rate.

Not having your own domain name and hosting account

You have seen them advertised everywhere on the web today, get your own free website. These are fine and good for mom and dad small business, but visitors that you are a professional, and they are purchasing from a professional.

Nothing will scare a visitor to your website of quicker than a cookie cutter website, with multiple ads for some random products or service. Also, the revenue from those ads does not go to you. So, why advertise and not get paid?

Not having a way to capture leads from your offers

5 Major Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

You have invested your time, energy and cash into getting somebody to your site to click your links on one of your affiliate programs then they leave your site without buying, what have you earned? Nothing, you have lost the time and cash it took to get that prospective buyer in most cases.

Not if you have opt-in a pop-up or opt-in offer on the page you are sending your visitors to before purchasing your affiliate offer. With capture, page opt-in forms you can catch your lead’s email address before you send them on to the affiliate offer site or they leave your site.

That way in the event that they do not purchase, you can catch up with them later and attempt once more (and over and over and once more) this can be extremely valuable as you now have someone to market to over and over again.

So, you have now understood the five major affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid and you should be able to make more sales and increase your affiliate commissions by a significant amount. So, get out there and become the super affiliate marketer you always knew you could be.

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