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Blogger b:skin and b:template-skin Tag

Tags <b:skin> and <b:template-skin> are elements used only the header of the Blogger theme XML file, whose content is hold a series of CSS code and variable declarations used along with CSS and can be interacting with the Theme Designer tool .

<b:skin> is responsible for CSS used for the current blog look, while the <b:template-skin> is responsible for the display template in the Layout Editor.

The Syntax













  • CDATA must be nested in the tags.
  • The tag <b:skin> is required in all themes.
  • Tags <b:skin> and <b:template-skin> are separated tags and can not be nested. They must be positioned in the header of the XML file between <head> and </head>.
  • <b:template-skin> can't be used in b:layoutsVersion 1.

Official themes distributed by Blogger has own Group of variable,  this determine variable to be used in Layout > Theme Designer.

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