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Blogger Cheatsheet data:view

 Data View is indicating the current view of the Blog. Usually used with a conditional expression as in <b:if> tag because most of the type is boolean, that's mean the value is either 'True' or 'False'.

ExpressionType DataMeaning
data:view.archive.daynumberDay of the current archive page. e.g. 17.
data:view.archive.monthnumberThe month of the current archive page. e.g. 8
data:view.archive.yearnumberYear of the current archive page. e.g. 1945
data:view.descriptionstringDescription of the current pageview.
data:view.featuredImageimageFeatured image for the current page or post.
data:view.isArchivebooleanIndicating Archive feed.
data:view.isErrorbooleanThe current view is 404 or error page.
data:view.isHomepagebooleanThe current view is Homepage.
data:view.isLabelSearchbooleanThe current view is the Label page.
data:view.isMultipleItemsbooleanA page view is contained multiple posts, eg, Search, Label, Homepage, etc.
data:view.isMobilebooleanA pageview has parameter m=1.
data:view.isPagebooleanis Showing a Blog Static Page.
data:view.isPostbooleanis Showing a Single Post.
data:view.isPreviewbooleanIn preview mode.
data:view.isSearchbooleanAll page contain word 'search' in the URL.
data:view.isSingleItembooleanis a Single item, wether is the single post or static page.
data:view.pageIdnumberThe id of the static page.
data:view.postIdnumberThe id of the post. for filtering label of the current view. for filtering search keyword. message about the search results being shown. message about the result with HTML Link.
data:view.titlestringTitle of the current view.
data:view.urlurlThe URL of the current view.