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Blogger Cheatsheet data:view

 Data View is indicating the current view of the Blog. Usually used with a conditional expression as in <b:if> tag because most of the type is boolean, that's mean the value is either 'True' or 'False'.

ExpressionType DataMeaning
data:view.archive.daynumberDay of the current archive page. e.g. 17.
data:view.archive.monthnumberThe month of the current archive page. e.g. 8
data:view.archive.yearnumberYear of the current archive page. e.g. 1945
data:view.descriptionstringDescription of the current pageview.
data:view.featuredImageimageFeatured image for the current page or post.
data:view.isArchivebooleanIndicating Archive feed.
data:view.isErrorbooleanThe current view is 404 or error page.
data:view.isHomepagebooleanThe current view is Homepage.
data:view.isLabelSearchbooleanThe current view is the Label page.
data:view.isMultipleItemsbooleanA page view is contained multiple posts, eg, Search, Label, Homepage, etc.
data:view.isMobilebooleanA pageview has parameter m=1.
data:view.isPagebooleanis Showing a Blog Static Page.
data:view.isPostbooleanis Showing a Single Post.
data:view.isPreviewbooleanIn preview mode.
data:view.isSearchbooleanAll page contain word 'search' in the URL.
data:view.isSingleItembooleanis a Single item, wether is the single post or static page.
data:view.pageIdnumberThe id of the static page.
data:view.postIdnumberThe id of the post.
data:view.search.labelstringUsed for filtering label of the current view.
data:view.search.querystringUsed for filtering search keyword.
data:view.search.resultsMessagestringThe message about the search results being shown.
data:view.search.resultsMessageHtmlstringA message about the result with HTML Link.
data:view.titlestringTitle of the current view.
data:view.urlurlThe URL of the current view.