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How to Increase Organic Traffic

How to Increase Organic Traffic

Organic traffic refers to free traffic that comes from search engines to your website and is the most effective and reasonable traffic for any website. Organic traffic comes mechanically from the user or from the people that are searching for an answer and you do not need to do something like on-line sharing or promotions on Social Medias. Organic traffic highly depends on your content and backlinks of your site. There are three different types of traffic sources:  Organic Traffic, Referral Traffic and Direct Traffic. But, let’s gets started with how to increase your organic traffic.

Write Relevant content

Few years ago, Google use to prefer keyword focused content, but recent data from backlinks and the search engine journal, suggests that the algorithm now favors to relevant contents. Relevant is determined by how helpful Google finds your article. 

If people are clicking on it and linking to your site content. It means that your article has relevant content to the people for which they are searching. Successful article usually provide a deep dive into one topic and are written in language that is both simple and concise. 

This means you should focus on a few topics that are most relevant to your audience. Write long form content and include images and graphics that will help guide the reader through your article. According to Google, nearly 75% of search queries in the United States come from mobile devices. So, it should not come as much of a surprise that the search engine heavily favors mobile sites rather than desktop site. 

Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

There are two different kinds of mobile sites. Mobile dedicated and Mobile responsive.

Mobile dedicated sites are built separate from your desktop sites and are designed specifically for your smart phones.

Mobile Responsive websites on the other hand adjust the layout of the page depending on the device you are viewing on it. Mobile, tablet, desktop etc. If your site is neither mobile friendly nor responsive, you are going to have a really hard time in increasing your organic search traffic and page rank.

So, it is the time to start thinking about a redesign. If you have a mobile friendly website I would recommend using a few different tools that will help you identify ways to improve the mobile user experience on your website. 

Resources like Page Speed Insights, GTmetrix and Pingdom will give you actionable steps to improve the load time of your website, while resources like the Google Search Console can help you identify and mobile usability issues. If you follow these steps you should be able to improve the mobile user experience on your websites and improve organic search traffic.

Though the relevance of your article is still importance, there are some traditional SEO strategies. Like. If you are still want to do competitor’s research and identify different keywords that are common in your industry. 

A keywords like America or United States of America or simply USA. Choose all the relevant keywords that are probable. These terms are usually more relevant to your audience and easier to rank your website. You might want to mention these terms a few times in your content and in your H1 tags as well. 

I recommend using a few variations of the keyword since the exact phrase will not always flow well in sentences. Always remember that you are writing for an audience and not for a search engine. Because the most relevant your content will be there will be more traffic to your website.

If you follow this steps, you will be able to optimize your website, and increase organic search traffic to your website and if you have any questions, feel free to comment below.