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Kids' Lion Costume

Kids' Lion Costume

Ages school-age

You'll have a roaring good time making and wearing this fun kids' lion costume! Using a pajama pattern, some fleece, and a hot glue gun, you'll be the "mane" event!

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by Mia Cronan

What you'll need

  • Simplicity pattern 9853, and coordinating zipper (12" or 14", according to size)
  • Three shades of fleece, in yellow/gold/brown tones
  • Hot glue gun
  • Sewing supplies, including scissors
  • Black make-up

Helpful Tip:

1. You may want to use a pair of mittens as a pattern and the middle (gold-tone) fleece to create "paws" for your lion (see photo). 2. We whip-stitched the hem in the legs for easy alterations later. 3. It creates a nice, full effect when you can get each strip of cut fleece as close to each other as possible to create height and volume. Mia Cronan is a craft freelancer and mother of five based in Ohio.

How to make it

  1. Begin by making the pajamas with the middle (gold-tone) fleece fabric, complete with zipper.
  2. Using the lighter tone fleece, cut an oval shape for the tummy, and split it down the middle. Hot glue to the tummy to each side of the front, getting as close to the zipper as possible without touching it.
  3. Using a hoodie sweatshirt, create a pattern from the hood, and make a hood using the pajama fleece. Attach to the neckline of the pajamas.
  4. Using all three colors of fleece, cut strips approximately 22" long, and 6" wide. Cut strips all along one long side, leaving a solid edge for gluing to the hood.
  5. Alternating colors, glue the cut strips to the hood. Trim around the face to make it neat and smooth.
  6. Using the black make-up, draw a black nose and whiskers on your lion's face.