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Craft: Lion and Lamb Note Holders

Craft: Lion and Lamb Note Holders

Total Time Needed: 2-3 Hours

Teach your kids the art of quilling, a decorative paper-rolling technique, then round up a set of these message-bearing spring icons.


  • Colored paper
  • Toothpick
  • Card stock
  • Glue
  • Googly eyes
  • Clothes pins (2 per note holder)
  • Magnetic strip (optional)


Step 1 - Lion and Lamb Note Holders

1. For each, start by cutting a few dozen 1/8-inch-wide strips of colored paper, each at least 4 inches long. Curl each strip tightly around a toothpick.

2. Next, cover a rounded, 3-inch card stock body with glue and attach the curls. Cut out a card stock face and ears, adding googly eyes and other facial features, and glue them all in place. Allow the glue to dry.

Step 3 - Lion and Lamb Note Holders

3. For the legs, which also serve as note holders, glue 2 clothespins to the back of the body. Stand the critter on a table or attach magnetic strips to the back and stick it to your fridge, then post your message in the clips.