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Band-tastic Backpack Craft

Band-tastic Backpack Craft

Ages school-age

Is that music we hear in the hallways? No, it’s just this entertainingly decorated backpack that’s sure to make all you band or glee club members tap your toes. From the movable music to the attached microphone, this backpack hits all the right notes.

What you'll need

  • Five colored shoelaces
  • Felt, one sheet
  • Craft foam sheets, in about three or four colors
  • Safety pins
  • Craft glue
  • Fabric glue
  • Toy microphone
  • Finger cymbals

How to make it

Band-tastic Backpack 1

1. Place the five shoelaces across the backpack so that they fan out as they go from left to right. Wherever the shoelaces go over zippers, cut them so you’ll be able to open and close your backpack. Then glue on all the shoelace pieces with fabric glue.

Band-tastic Backpack 2

2. Trace a large treble clef on a piece of felt. Cut the shape and use fabric glue to apply it to the side of the backpack, on top of the shoelace lines you’ve already created.

Band-tastic Backpack 3

3. The fun part about the musical notes on the backpack is that they are movable, since they are attached with safety pins. That means you can write your own melody on your backpack. For each musical note, there are two layers of contrasting craft foam. First cut the smaller note, and then cut the larger one about a quarter inch larger on all sides. Put a safety pin on the back of the larger music note. Then glue the smaller note to the larger one with craft glue (or hot glue, with adult supervision), covering the bit of safety pin that shows through. Now pin the music notes wherever you’d like.

4. Sometimes you’ve just got to sing your heart out. Attach a toy microphone to the zipper pull, so you’ll always be ready for your big moment.

5. And while singing you can accompany yourself with finger cymbals as another zipper pull. Warning: once you start clapping these, you won’t want to stop.