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Ariel's Sea Spiders Halloween Craft

Ariel's Sea Spiders Halloween Craft

Ages 5 to 8

When it comes to being spooky, the spiders that inhabit the Little Mermaid's watery world have at least one leg up on the typical landlubber arachnid. Their appendages are extra spindly, which makes them well equipped to crawl amongst the marine plants and animal colonies that live on the sea floor of Atlantica. Like the real sea spiders they're modeled after, these long-legged critters are black and orangey - just right for adding a creepy touch of color to your household come Halloween.

Sticky Spiders

Light-Up Spider

by Cindy Littlefield

What you'll need

Pipe cleaners (black and orange)

Small pony beads

How to make it

Step 1

1. For each spider, gather 4 pipe cleaners in a bunch. Bend the bunch in half and then tightly twist the section near the fold several times to shape a slender spider body.

Step 2

2. Separate the pipe cleaner ends to create the spider's legs.

Step 3

3. Slide a couple of beads onto each leg and push them up close to the body. Then bend each leg an inch from the body and slide a couple more beads up to the joint. Bend the legs again to create a second set of joints about 1 1/2 inches from first and slide on the final pairs of beads.