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Frogs on a Log Cake

Frogs on a Log Cake

I came up with the idea of a frog cake after my husband decided to take my soon-to-be 4-year-old daughter, Annie, and my three other children to catch bullfrogs at a pond. - Kim S. Fresno, CA


  • 3 cake mixes - Bake 12" x 18" 1/2 sheet cake and 7 cupcakes
  • 1 cake mix - Bake 10 1/2" x 15" jelly roll pan. While warm, roll cake like a yule log
  • Frosting - Wilton Buttercream recipe
  • 4 cups shortening
  • 4 lbs. powdered sugar
  • 2 tsp. Wilton butter extract
  • 4 tsp. Wilton clear vanilla
  • 16 tbsp. milk
  • Wilton icing colors: Leaf green, royal blue, red-red, black, brown, and white frosting


  1. Frost 1/2 sheet blue for the water. Not smooth, but with tiny ripples. Use blue tip #21.
  2. Frost entire log cake brown. Leave marks in frosting to look like wood.
  3. Frost two cupcakes green and put tops together for the body. Place a wooden skewer through cupcakes and other cakes to hold the frog on the log. Green tip 12 for bulges on sides of face and top of head for eyes. Light green for their tummies. Green tip 12 - two legs in front and one on each side. White tip 4 - two big eyes Black tip 3 - two big eyeballs, nostrils and big smile Green tip 4 - Fingers and toes. Also, a green arch above white on the eyes.
  4. For the frog in the water, frost one cupcake green. Place on top of the blue cake. Frost a red pretzel stick for the frog's tongue.
  5. For the fly on the water use a black tip 3 for the head and body. White tip 3 for the fly's wings.
  6. Write "Hoppy" Birthday on the blue cake.