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Sticky Spiders | Halloween Decorations

Sticky Spiders

Decorate a window with colorful puffy-paint spiders and a web that's drawn to fit. When you tire of your web sight, simply peel it from the glass.


  • craft wire
  • plastic-coated surface
  • dimensional fabric paint (such as Scribbles brand)


  1. For each spider, cut four lengths of craft wire. Bend the wires to make four pairs of legs, then arrange them on a plastic-coated surface (we taped plastic wrap to a piece of cardboard).
  2. Squeeze dimensional fabric paint (we used Scribbles brand) over the center of the wires to form a body. Add dots in a second color. Let the paint dry at least 24 hours before peeling the spider from the plastic.
  3. For the web, use black dimensional fabric paint to draw straight lines radiating from the corner of a window, then draw scalloped lines across the straight lines. When the paint is dry, stick the spiders to the window.