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Rock Family Plaque Craft

Rock Family Plaque Craft

Total Time 1 hour Ages school-age

This adorable craft is so easy and looks marvelous sitting on a shelf or on Dad's desk. A great gift for Father's Day!

by Amanda Formaro

What you'll need

  • Wood plaque
  • Rocks, one for each family member
  • Wiggle eyes, 2 for each rock
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Acrylic sealer spray
  • Paintbrush
  • White craft glue
  • Label maker or silver paint and a black marker

Helpful Tip:

Parental supervision is recommended.

If you prefer a more colorful plaque, paint each of the rocks with colorful paint before adding the eyes.

Be sure to let this project dry completely before giving it to Dad. Allow about 4 hour's worth of drying time.

If you really want to play around with this, use yarn and construction paper to add hair and hats to the rock faces!

How to make it

Rock Family Plaque step 1

1. Paint the wood plaque with a coat of black paint and let dry.

2. Wash the rocks and let them dry.

3. Paint a second coat of black paint on the plaque and let dry.

Rock Family Plaque step 4

4. Have an adult spray the plaque with a coat of acrylic sealer spray. Let dry.

Rock Family Plaque step 6

5. Position rocks on the table and find the "resting spot" on the rock so that they will sit solidly on your plaque.

Rock Family Plaque step 6

6. Glue wiggle eyes on to the rocks, using a generous amount of glue. The glue will dry clear. Let dry.

Rock Family Plaque step 7

7. Position rocks on the plaque, then add a generous amount of white glue to the bottom of each rock and gently press onto the plaque. Let dry completely.

8. Use a label maker to create your family name. If you don't have a label maker, paint a strip on the plaque with silver paint. Let dry completely.

9. When strip is dry, use a black marker to write your family name.