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Cinderella's Coach Costume Craft

Cinderella's Coach Costume Craft

Total Time 2 to 3 hours Ages 9 to 12

Cindrella's coach was a dream come true for our daughter. We transformed her wheelchair into a beautiful crystal coach complete with windows and lights. "Cinderella" made a grand entrance whenever she rode in her magical coach.

Prep Time: 2 hours

by GemSLR from Inkom, ID

What you'll need

  • 5 yards of heavy clear plastic
  • 2 large hula hoops
  • 3 yards irridenscent beads (Found with Christmas trims)
  • Colored paper or stickers to decorate coach 1 can of spray glitter
  • Double-stick tape and hot glue gun
  • Two plastic vines for wrapping around wheelchair tires
  • String of battery-powered Christmas lights for night (Optional)
  • Clear packing tape for attaching Christmas lights

How to make it

  1. Lay out plastic and trace around hula hoop, adding an extra inch around entire hoop. (Your plastic will need to be about an inch bigger than the hula hoop to allow it to be attached.) Cut out two circles of plastic for the walls of your coach.
  2. Stretch double-stick tape around the hula hoops and attach circles of plastic. (This is best done with a helper.) Trim off extra plastic.
  3. Draw arched windows on the plastic of both hula hoops and cut out. Attach beading around windows with hot glue.
  4. Place covered hula hoops into wheelchair between the seat and armrest. This should give the walls of the coach good support.
  5. Measure distance between hula hoops after it was placed in the wheelchair. Cut a rectangle strip from remainder of clear plastic for the top of the coach. (Width of piece should be about the width of your wheelchair seat. Length of top should be about 1/3 of the circumference of the hoop.)
  6. Attach top of coach by using double-stick tape or hot glue. Decorate as desired, cutting shapes of your choice and perhaps a "pumpkin stem" top for your coach.
  7. We used left over beads to add a fringe to the end of the roof piece, using hot glue to attach.
  8. Spray glitter onto the walls of the coach to add magical sparkle.
  9. Decorate tires with vines.
  10. Battery-powered Christmas lights may be attached with clear tape and will light up your special carriage at night.
  11. Add "Cinderella" and have a Halloween that you will never forget.