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Weave a Barrette | Easy Crafts for Kids

Weave a Barrette

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

There's just no denying it: 1980s fashions are back in style. Embrace the trend with this classic ribbon barrette.


  • 1 yard each of 2 colors of 1/8-inch satin ribbon
  • Double-bar barrette


Weave a Barrette - Step 1

1. Stack the ribbons, one atop the other; you'll be treating the two pieces as one double-sided piece from now on. Slide the ribbon into the bend of the barrette. Center the barrette in the middle of the ribbon.

Weave a Barrette - Step 2

2. Bring one end of the ribbon over one bar of the barrette and under the second.

Weave a Barrette - Step 3

3. Do the same with the other ribbon end. Keep braiding, alternating the ribbon ends, until the entire barrette is covered. To finish, thread one end of the ribbon tightly through the barrette so that all of the ribbon is on the same edge. Knot the ribbon and leave the excess to hang.