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Halloween Costumes: Soccer Star Costume

Soccer Star Costume

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

If you have a soccer fan under your roof, this costume will be a winner.


  • short- sleeved v-neck sport shirt
  • long-sleeved T
  • cloth tape
  • soccer socks
  • cleats
  • shin pads
  • sweatbands


  1. Have your child dress up as if it's game time. Start the uniform by layering a short- sleeved v-neck sport shirt over a long-sleeved T (use her favorite team's colors).
  2. Use cloth tape to write the star's number on the front and back of the jersey, and her last name on the back.
  3. Finish the uniform with soccer socks, cleats, shin pads, and sweatbands. On Halloween, she'll score a duffel bag full of treats.