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Personalized Number Plates | Easy Crafts for Kids

Personalized Number Plates

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

To get your Ultimate Bike Birthday Party off to a rolling start, you and your guests can make these fun, decorative bicycle plates.


  • 9-inch plastic plates, one for each guest
  • Adhesive craft foam (we used precut letters and numbers, plus whole sheets so kids can create custom shapes)
  • Craft tape
  • Hole punch
  • plastic cable tie (also called a zip tie; available at hardware stores)


  1. BEFORE THE PARTY Cut the rims off the 9-inch plastic plates.
  2. AT THE PARTY Set out the plastic circles, adhesive craft foam, and craft tape for making stripes and slashes. When a guest finishes decorating, use a hole punch to make a pair of holes on each side of the plate, then thread a plastic cable tie through each pair. Tighten the ties around the handlebars, then trim off the ends.