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Craft: Cascarones | Kids' Painting Ideas

Craft: Cascarones

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

Historians disagree about the evolution of Cascarones. Did the confetti-filled eggs originate in Renaissance Italy, where they were once filled with scented talcum powder? Did they migrate from Spain to Mexico via Mexico's Empress Carlota? Joanne McAlpine of Viera, Florida, can't say for sure. All she knows is that, come Easter, her girls, Paige, age two, and Alexandria, five, love to crack cascarones on the heads of unsuspecting relatives. Then the girls pull apart the shells and enthusiastically shower their victims with confetti.


  • Eggs
  • Acrylic Paints or Markers
  • Funnel
  • Confetti
  • Colorful Tissue Paper
  • White Glue


  1. Gently tap the narrow end of an egg with a spoon and break off a quarter-size piece of shell. Empty the egg into a bowl and clean the inside of the shell with lightly running water.
  2. When all the eggs are empty and clean, let them dry and decorate them--don't press too hard--with acrylic paints or markers.
  3. When they're thoroughly dry, fill the eggs with confetti (a funnel helps). Now cover the opening with colorful tissue paper, using slightly watered-down white glue to paint the tissue's edges down against the shell.
  4. Crack Them Open!


Joanne's advice? "Do the cracking outside! Confetti can make a big mess," she says. "Hey, Ally," she calls to her older daughter, "what's your favorite thing about Easter?" "Cracking the eggs!" Ally yells back. Joanne laughs. "Oh, good. I thought she was going to say c-a-n-d-y!"