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Make a Racket | Tween Crafts

Make a Racket

Total Time Needed: 1-2 Hours

These rubber band rackets can be used with almost any kind of ball, including a tennis, Wiffle, or beach ball. A foam one is ideal for smaller play areas.


  • Plastic pipe
  • Rubber bands


Make a Racket - Step 1

1. Assemble the head: Use a fine-tooth handsaw to cut the PVC pieces shown below (you'll have a few inches of pipe left over). Using the diagram as a guide, join the pieces to make the racket head.

2. Add the handle: Squeeze some tacky glue inside the tee fitting, then insert one end of the 16-inch-long piece. Slide the pipe cap onto the bottom.

3. String the racket: To string the racket head, stretch 16 rubber bands around the square horizontally, then add 7 vertically on each side of the handle.

4. Go out and play: Play Pro Kadima style, go for distance records, or draw a chalk court in your driveway for blacktop tennis matches.