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Artsy Lamp Shade | Lights & Lamps

Artsy Lamp Shade

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

Shed some light on your child's artwork with a lamp shade made from past pictures.


  • Crayon artwork
  • Lightcolored lamp shade
  • White glue or a commercial brand of decoupage matte
  • Paintbrush
  • Craft wire
  • Small toy


  1. Have your child pick out her favorite coloring creations: monsters, people, a landscape -- you name it. Cut out the shapes and glue them to the outside of the shade. If the shapes are too large, you can take them to a local copy shop to have them resized on a color photocopier.
  2. With a solution of three parts glue to one part water (or you can use a decoupage matte), paint over each of the cutouts on the shade, taking care to coat all the edges. Apply two or three coats, allowing the glue to dry between applications.
  3. Use the craft wire to attach the small toy to the end of the pull chain.