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Maleficent Hair Barrette Craft

Maleficent Hair Barrette Craft

Talk about a wickedly creative craft! Your friends will be green with envy when they see this fashionably fun Malificent hair flair.

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Download Maleficent Hair Barrette Template

What you'll need

  • Black felt
  • Purple felt
  • Green felt
  • 2 yellow gems
  • Black feathers
  • Hair barrette

How to make it

Maleficent Hair Barrette 1

1. Trace and cut the template pieces onto the appropriate color felt.

Maleficent Hair Barrette 2

2. Using hot glue or craft glue, glue the purple front collar onto the black back collar, allowing black to show along all the edges of the purple collar.

Maleficent Hair Barrette 3

3. Glue the green face onto the head, lining up the edges.

Maleficent Hair Barrette 4

4. Glue the black horns on top of the face, lining the horns up with the horns on the head.

5. Glue the head to the front of the collar so the chin sticks out a little from the bottom of the collar.

Maleficent Hair Barrette 6

6. Glue two yellow gems to the face for eyes.

7. Glue a few pieces of black feather to the back. Glue a barrette to the back. Allow the glue to dry completely before fastening it in hair.