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Make a Foil Imprint Busy Bag

Make a Foil Imprint Busy Bag

Busy bags are pretty self explanatory. They're just bags full of art supplies, craft activities, or little games to keep kids busy. 

This art imprint busy bag isn't just easy to make, it's also fun for kids to do! 

(Please remember that foil can be sharp, and the markers are permanent, so don't let wee little ones in this bag!)

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by Holly Homer

What you'll need

  • Brown Lunch Sack
  • Aluminum Foil Squares (You can make these yourself, or purchase squares at your grocery store.)
  • Plastic knives, forks, toothpicks (anything that will make an impression in the foil.)
  • Permanent Markers

How to make it

Foil Imprint Busy Bag 1

1. To make this busy bag, you need to put a few foil squares, the plastic knives, forks, etc, and the permanent markers into a brown lunch sack. 

Foil Imprint Busy Bag 2

2. This project is so simple. Start by making your impressions in the foil. Be careful not to press too hard or you will puncture it. I love how this teaches fine motor control!

Foil Imprint Busy Bag 3

3. When you've finished your imprints, you can go over them with a permanent marker to make them stand out. Kids will LOVE doing this because it really makes their designs pop!