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Make a Bubble Blower Busy Bag

Make a Bubble Blower Busy Bag

Busy Bags are just bags filled with a simple activity to help keep your kids busy. I keep several of these in a closet and when I hear the inevitable "I'm bored" I bring one out for the children to play with. 

The prep for busy bags ranges from simple to complicated, but because you can plan them out ahead of time - you don't have to do any work when you give them to your kids. 

This busy bag is simple to make and so much fun to play with!

by Holly Homer

What you'll need

  • Paper Sack
  • Bubble Solution
  • Rubber Bands
  • Straws

How to make it

Bubble Blower Busy Bag 1

1. Start with a plain lunch sack. If you're feeling particularly crafty, then you can decorate it, but you don't have to!

Bubble Blower Busy Bag 2

2. Inside the bag, you will need straws, rubber bands, and the bubble solution. 

Each kid will probably want to make two bubble blowers. Each blower takes about six straws and a rubber band.

Bubble Blower Busy Bag 3

3. When your kids are ready to play with their busy bags, have them wrap a rubber band around a bundle of straws, dip the ends into bubble solution and blow!

(If you don't have any rubber bands, tape or a string works well, too!)