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Rapunzel's Braided Ribbon Bracelets

Rapunzel's Braided Ribbon Bracelets

When Rapunzel finally makes it to the kingdom after being liberated from the castle, her flowing tresses literally fill the courtyard street. Quick to find a remedy, Flynn employs four little girls to fashion the golden locks into a thick braid adorned with colorful blossoms. Inspired by Rapunzel’s stylishly plaited do, these whimsical flower-laced bracelets are a blast to make and give as gifts.

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by Cindy Littlefield

What you'll need

  • Scissors
  • Ribbon and/or cord in assorted colors and widths
  • Measuring tape
  • 2 split beading rings (.47 in/12mm size works well)
  • Lobster clasp or similar jewelry clasp to fit onto one of the beading rings
  • 10-inch length of embroidery floss
  • Flower-shaped buttons with shanks big enough to thread a single piece of ribbon or cord through (or small fabric flowers and a hot glue gun for attaching them)

How to make it

1. Cut your ribbon and/or cord into 2-foot lengths (you’ll need three to six lengths depending on how thick the ribbon is). Next, attach the lobster clasp to one of the beading rings, and set it aside for now.

Rapunzel's Braided Ribbon Bracelets 2

2. Gather the ribbon lengths into a bunch and thread them through the second beading ring. Slide the ring to the center of the bunch.

Rapunzel's Braided Ribbon Bracelets 3

3. Fold the length of embroidery floss about 3½ inches from one end, forming a loose loop, and set it atop the ribbons/cords, as shown.

Rapunzel's Braided Ribbon Bracelets 4

4. Tightly wind the longer floss end around the entire bunch, working your way up toward the ring.

Rapunzel's Braided Ribbon Bracelets 5

5. When you reach the base of the ring, thread the working end of the floss through the loop, as shown. Firmly and gently pull the opposite end of the floss until you’ve drawn the loop behind the coils. Trim both ends of the floss short.

6. Now it’s time to divide the ribbon strands into three groups and start braiding. Every so often, slide a flower button onto one of the strands, push it up to where you left off, and continue braiding. (Note: If you’re using fabric flowers, wait until you complete the bracelet to hot-glue them in place.)

Rapunzel's Braided Ribbon Bracelets 7

7. Once you’ve got a bracelet-length braid, thread the loose ribbon ends through the beading ring you attached the lobster clasp to. Fold the strands over and bind them with floss, as you did below the ring at the other end. Trim the floss and ribbon ends short, and the bracelet is ready to wear.