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Popsicle Stick Plant Markers

Popsicle Stick Plant Markers

The garden we planted this spring started sprouting! To help my kids identify what's growing, we made these popsicle stick plant markers. To weave in a little botany lesson, our sticks included a drawing of each plant's leaves.

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by Jennifer Cooper

What you'll need

  • popsicle sticks
  • paint
  • paint pen or permanent marker
  • masking tape

How to make it

Popsicle Stick Plant Markers 1

1. Mark off the section of popsicle stick you want to paint. Leave the part that goes into the ground bare.

2. Apply craft paint. Let dry. Remove tape.

Popsicle Stick Plant Markers 3

3. Label the marker and add a picture of what the plant's leaves will eventually look like. Place in the ground.