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Personalized Chocolate Bars Craft

Personalized Chocolate Bars Craft

Chocolate is the perfect gift for anyone with a sweet tooth and nothing is sweeter than a chocolate bar with a personalized wrapper. So give your loved ones their own personal stash of chocolate and maybe they’ll share with you.

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What you'll need

Chocolate bars with removable wrappers



Glue stick

How to make it

1. Select chocolate bars that are lined in foil and then wrapped in paper. That way, the paper wrapper can slide off so you can replace it with a customized wrapper.

Personalized Chocolate Bars 1

2. After sliding off the paper wrapper, lay it flat and trace a line on each of the folds to create a template for your new wrapper.

Personalized Chocolate Bars 2

3. Using the measurements of the template, draw a new design either by hand or on the computer. Look at the original wrapper to see if images and words need to be right side up or upside down.

Personalized Chocolate Bars 3

4. Referring to the lines you drew on the folds of the original wrapper, crease the new wrapper in the same places. Place the new wrapper around the chocolate bar to make sure the creases are in the right locations.

Personalized Chocolate Bars 4

5. Secure the two ends of the wrapper with a glue stick. Give several chocolate bars as a set and you’ve raised the “bar” on personalized gifts.