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Mulan's Jade Necklace Craft

Mulan's Jade Necklace Craft

Ages school-age

When it came time for Mulan to meet the matchmaker, she knew how important it was to make a good impression. To keep all the proper traditions straight, she printed tips on her inner arm so she could steal glimpses of them while she waved a pretty fan. By folding together contrasting sheets of wrapping paper and then trimming the edges with craft scissors, you can make a lacy paper fan as decorative as Mulan's.

by Cindy Littlefield

What you'll need

  • Scissors
  • Plain and/or printed scrapbook or origami papers in varying hues of green
  • Waxed paper
  • Glue stick or Mod Podge and a small paintbrush
  • Plastic drinking straws
  • Beading cord or monofilament
  • Green buttons (optional)
  • Magnetic necklace clasp

How to make it

1. Cut out a bunch of triangular strips from the green papers that measure about 1 inch across the base and 6 1/2 to 7 inches long.

Step 2

2. Cover your work surface with waxed paper. Working with one triangle at a time, apply glue to the unprinted side of the paper (note: using a glue stick will minimize the mess in this step, but the Mod Podge will give the beads a shiny sealed finish). Stick the base of the triangle to the side of a plastic drinking straw and then roll the paper all the way up to form a tube-shaped bead. Roll several more paper strips onto the same straw, spacing them slightly apart.

Step 3

3. Continue making beads in this way until you have about two dozen or so.

Step 4

4. When the glue is dry, cut the beads apart, snipping the straw flush with the paper.

5. Cut a piece of beading cord or monofilament about 3 feet long and tie one end to the magnetic necklace clasp. Thread on the beads, alternating them with green buttons if you like. Then tie the free cord end to the other side of the clasp.

6. Finally, thread the cord ends back through a few beads and buttons, and trim any excess length.