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Mike Wazowski Valentine Card

Mike Wazowski Valentine Card

On February 14th, Mike Wazowski will be a monster with a special mission in mind: convincing his beloved Celia Mae to be his valentine. Inspired by the scary/sweet little comic, this whimsical card is designed to help fans deliver an important message to their own sweethearts.

Download Mike Wazowski Valentine Card Template

by Cindy Littlefield

What you'll need

  • Template for Mike Wazowski Valentine Card
  • Scissors
  • Craft or scrapbook paper (green, white, and blue)
  • Fine-tipped markers (black and brown)
  • White craft paint and small paintbrush
  • Toothpick
  • Glue stick
  • 4- by 7-inch piece of white or off white cardstock for the card face
  • 7½- by 9-inch piece of colored cardstock folded in half for the card

How to make it

1. Print the template and use the shapes as patterns for cutting out like pieces from the specified colors of paper.

Step 2

2. Use the black marker to draw a round pupil on the center of the iris. Glue the iris and the green eyelid atop the eye. Then add a “glint” by using the tip of a toothpick to apply a tiny dab of white craft paint to the upper iris.

Step 3

3. Next, brush a thin coat of white paint on the horns at the top of the green body shape. Once the paint is dry (it won’t take long), use a brown marker to darken the edges and tips of the horns. Use a black marker to draw on a grin line, using the template piece as reference for the shape and placement.

4. Glue the assembled eye in place at the top of the body.

5. Glue the card face onto the card. Then glue the assembled Mike Wazowski image to the bottom half. To finish the valentine, cut out the greeting words from the template and glue them above the image, arranging them however you like. Or, simply print on your own greeting.

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