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Jack Skellington Inspired Bow Tie

Jack Skellington Inspired Bow Tie

Here's an easy felt version of Jack Skellington's famous bat  bow tie. All you need is some stiff felt, puffy paint and a hair clip. This could be made for a full-on Jack Skellington costume, or whip one up to add a little Halloween fun to an everyday white collared shirt!

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Download Jack Skellington Inspired Bow Tie Template

by Marigold Haske

What you'll need

  • PDF template
  • Stiff felt sheet, black
  • 3D (puffy) paint, white
  • Hair clip
  • Needle & thread (preferably black)
  • Hot glue gun and glue or felt glue


This could also be used as a fun and festive hair barrette. Shrink the template down by 50%, or to the desired size, and wear the finished piece in your hair!

How to make it

Jack Skellington Inspired Bow Tie 1

1. Cut out the head and wings from the stiff black felt according to the template provided. Use white 3D paint to add accent lines and the bat face. Allow to dry.

Jack Skellington Inspired Bow Tie 2

2. Open the hair clip and hand sew it onto the back of the wings piece.

Tip to get the proper placement: Before you sew it on, clip the hair clip onto the collar of the shirt that will be worn with the bow tie. Center the wings over the shirt collar and note where the hair clip should sit on the back of the wings. Then sew into place.

Jack Skellington Inspired Bow Tie 3

3. Glue the head piece in the center of the wings. It should cover up your hand sewing. Allow the glue to dry, and you're all done!