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Hatching Dinosaur Egg Craft

Hatching Dinosaur Egg Craft

Total Time 1 hour Ages preschooler

Kids can go back in time by making their own baby dinosaur with an empty egg shell and some pom-poms!

Dinosaur Party Dino Feet

Dinosaur Party Jurassic Hats

by Amanda Formaro

What you'll need

  • Half of an empty egg shell or plastic egg
  • 3" square of green felt
  • Felt glue
  • 24" piece of raffia, cut into one-inch pieces
  • 1 cotton ball
  • 1 large green pom-pom
  • 2 medium wiggle eyes
  • 2 medium green pom-poms
  • 2" square piece of yellow felt
  • Scissors
  • 1" piece of black jewelry cord or yarn

How to make it

1. Gently wash out egg shell and let dry.

Hatching Dinosaur Egg 1

2. Glue egg shell, open side up, to the green felt square. (See photo.)

Hatching Dinosaur Egg 2

3. Glue pieces of raffia around the egg shell for the nest. (See photo.)

Hatching Dinosaur Egg 4

4. Glue a cotton ball inside the egg shell, and then glue the large green pom-pom to the top of the cotton ball. (See photo.)

5. Glue the two medium green pom-poms to the front of the large pom-pom, just inside the shells, for the hands/paws.

Hatching Dinosaur Egg 5

6. Glue the wiggle eyes to the large pom-pom, positioning them on either side of the "head." (See photo.)

Hatching Dinosaur Egg 6

7. Cut small triangles from the yellow felt and glue them down the back of the neck. (See photo.)

8. Glue on a smiley face using black cord or yarn.