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Simple Jello Sandcastles to Make with Little Kids

Simple Jello Sandcastles to Make with Little Kids

By Kelsey Banfield

When I cook with my preschool age daughter I try to keep the projects manageable for her little hands. She can’t decorate ornate cookies or cakes yet, instead we do things like mixing large bowls of batter and decorating with easy to handle treats like M&M’s and marshmallows. The other day we were picking out some jello colors and thought it would be fun to make jello “sandcastles.” We’ve been doing it at the beach all summer so why not do it at home, too? Together we mixing the jello and pour it into her little sand pails. Then they set overnight. The next morning I slid the jello onto a cake stand and we put large pats of brown sugar around them to look like sand and topped them with mini-marshmallows to look like a real castle. She even set her bouncy ball next to them to look like a beach ball. These simple little castles were so much fun to make, we kept them around all day until eating them for dessert after dinner. It was a great project for her little hands. Make your own at home and see how elaborate a castle you can make!

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Simple Jello Sandcastles


  • 2 boxes yellow or orange jello

Decoration ideas:

  • Sand – Brown Sugar or Graham Cracker Crumbs
  • Top – Mini-Marshmallows, gumdrops, little flags


1. Make the jello according to package directions and pour it into one or two small sand pails. Allow it to set overnight.

2. The next morning, skim a thin knife or spatula around the outside of the sandpail to release the jello and place it on top of a cake stand. Top with mini-marshmallows and surround with sugar or cracker crumbs to represent sand. Enjoy!