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Lego S’Mores for Summer

Lego S’Mores for Summer

by Kelsey Banfield

We’ve been having fun making lego shaped foods on Family Kitchen lately. It has been especially fun for me to be doing this because my daughter loves legos. Once I make her watermelon legos there is no stopping her from trying to stack them. When we had friends over for dinner the other weekend I decided to make some cute lego s’mores. There was nothing to it really, just keeping the shape of the rectangular graham cracker and chocolate and using mini-marshmallows on top. They were sweet and fun to look at and, of course, my daughter attempted to stack them. Luckily, she gave up before she got frustrated and she and her friends just ate them instead.

Lego S’Mores


  • 2 graham crackers  broken up into the rectangle shapes along the perforation
  • 1 bar Hershey chocolate
  • 4 large marshmallows
  • 16 mini marshmallows


1. To assemble. Place 1 quarter of the chocolate bar on one of the graham cracker rectangles. Top it with a heated large marshmallow (heat by fire or microwave – your choice), and top with second graham cracker. Dip one end of a mini-marshmallow in water and stick it on top of the graham cracker so there are three marshmallows per cracker. Eat!