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Donald and Daisy Duck Costume Craft

Donald and Daisy Duck Costume Craft

Total Time afternoon or evening Ages 13 to 17

Perfect for couples, this Donald and Daisy Duck costume will be the toast of the Halloween party.

by spark1es144 from Medfield, MA

What you'll need

  • 3 yards of feathery fabric
  • 1 yard of royal blue fabric
  • 1 yard of pink fabric
  • 1 yard of pink fabric
  • 1 square foot of black felt
  • 1 square foot of yellow felt
  • 1 square foot of white felt
  • 2 sets of yellow tights
  • A pair of pink crocs and a pair of yellow crocs
  • Royal blue long sleave t-shirt
  • Pink short sleave t-shirt
  • Yellow baseball hat
  • White baseball hat

How to make it

  1. Bottoms: Cut out 4 pieces of feathery material (varying length for Donald and Daisy) in shape of shorts fit for a sumo wrestler, and sew together with a channel to thread elastic through for bottom and top of shorts.
  2. Tops: Add purple and pink ruffles to pink t-shirt at bottom, and purple scalloped edges to neckline. Add collar to blue long-sleeve tee with red stuffed bow, and iron on white ribbon trim.
  3. Hats: Make a winter-like hat for Daisy from feathery material, sew on eyes and bow. Cut off the bill of the yellow hat and sew to feathery material for Donald, glue yellow felt to bill, attach eyes, make hat with one blue band and make pocket like piece for top and sew onto hat, add a black ribbon.