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Turkey Gloves Craft

Turkey Gloves Craft

What a fun project to put together for that festive holiday, Thanksgiving. Help your child make a pair and show off to the whole family!

What you'll need

  • Pair of knit gloves (brown, orange or other fall color)
  • Felt (yellow, orange, white, black, goldenrod, tan, red, and brown)
  • Washable fabric glue or hot glue
  • Scissors
  • Plastic wrap


Be sure that you lay all the pieces out first before gluing anything in place. Trim the pieces as necessary (sizes in the instructions are approximate and will depend on the size of your gloves). We suggest choosing fall colors for your gloves but you can use any color you like. Knit gloves are inexpensive, often under $1 per pair and can be found at discount department stores, grocery stores, drug stores and even dollar stores. You can purchase special fabric glue called "Wash It," which glues fabrics together and will not wash out. Be careful though, if you get it on your clothing it won't wash out of it either!

How to make it

  1. Stuff the fingers and palm of each glove with plastic wrap. This will keep the gloves from sticking to themselves during the gluing process.  
  2. From the goldenrod felt, cut out two oval shapes for the turkey's head, each one about two-inches high and 1 1/2-inches wide.  
  3. From the red, yellow, brown, and tan felt, cut out three-inch long strips. Cut points at the ends. Remove the plastic wrap from the gloves.
  4. Cut two small triangles from the orange felt, each one about three-quarters of an inch in size.  
  5. From the red felt, cut two elongated heart shapes, each one about 1 1/2-inch long.  
  6. From the white felt, cut two, 1-inch ovals, and from the black felt cut four small ovals (for the eyes).  
  7. Lay all the pieces out on the gloves first, following our photo as a guide. Once you have everything in place, glue the pieces in the following order:  
  8. First, glue on the strips in place for the feathers.  
  9. Next, glue the "head" on, then the red "gobbler" (heart shape).  
  10. Now glue the white and black pieces on for the eyes.  
  11. Finish the face with the orange "beak."  
  12. Allow the glue to dry completely.
  13. Remove the plastic wrap from the gloves.