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Homemade Fairy Godmother Halloween Costume

Homemade Fairy Godmother Halloween Costume

Total Time 5 hours Ages 13 to 17

My costume is for the Fairy Godmother. I used a photo of a Fairy Godmother from Disney World as my design inspiration. It is a full length costume with full sleeves, a hood, a cape and a bow.

by Nkathleena from South Portland, ME

What you'll need

  • Pattern for the caftan and the hood
  • About 5 yards of blue fabric
  • About 2 yards of pink fabric
  • Blue thread
  • Pink thread
  • Iron-on hem tape for the sleeves and hem
  • Stiff lining for bow

How to make it

  1. I bought a pattern for a hooded caftan and designed the cape and bow myself. I followed the caftan pattern as designed, but I adapted it to close properly at the neck to enable the cape to be worn flat.
  2. I also adapted the pattern to line the sleeves and the hood in pink fabric. The hood needs to be able to have the pink turned to the outside.
  3. I designed the cape pattern -- a basic circle, cut to the middle on one side. The center is cut out to fit around the neck. It clips in the center at the neck and also clips at the bottom to keep it from fanning open.
  4. The bow is a separate piece that clips onto the cape at the neck. I made the bow piece by folding it and wrapping a piece around the center and then attached the two pieces that hang down. It has a stiff lining so it keeps its shape.