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Clothespin & Cotton Ball Fairies Craft

Clothespin & Cotton Ball Fairies Craft

The idea for this project came to me when I was browsing on Pinterest and I came across a photo of a model in a big, poofy, short wedding dress. Something about her pose, with her long, straight legs, looked just a clothespin wearing a cotton ball to me. So I grabbed my wooden clothespins and cotton balls and made these sweet little fairies.

by Marigold Haske

What you'll need

  • Wood clothespin
  • Cotton ball
  • Chenille stem (pipe cleaner)
  • Acrylic paint
  • Fine paintbrush
  • Glue


Make this into an angel holiday ornament by using gold or silver wings and painting a halo on the head. Or paint her pale pink and make a pretty ballerina.

How to make it

paint a face on the clothespin

1. Use a fine paintbrush to paint on the face, hair and any details (such as a flower in the hair) with acrylic craft paint. Make sure that the face is centered over the "legs" of the clothespin.

paint the torso

2. Paint the torso. Allow to dry.

work a hole into a large cottonball

3. Work a small hole into the center of a large cotton ball. Apply a line of glue at the fairy's waist. Push the legs through the hole in the cotton ball and move the cotton ball up to make a fluffy skirt.

add chenille stem wings

4. Make wings out of one chenille stem. Wrap it around the waist at the center and twist to secure. Shape into wings, twisting into place.

paint on shoes

5. Paint on a thin line at the bottom to make shoes. Allow to dry.

clothespin and cottonball fairy

6. Your clothespin and cotton ball fairy is complete!