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Cardboard Coloring Pad Craft

Cardboard Coloring Pad Craft

by Catherine Newman and Jodi Butler | Photograph by Ronnie Andren

Inspired by an idea from our reader Elisabeth Wagner, of Elgin, Illinois, this simple recycling project transforms an empty cereal box into a stroller-friendly art station.

What you'll need

  • large cereal box
  • tape
  • scissors (an adult's job)
  • ribbon
  • hole punch
  • coloring pages

How to make it

  1. To make one, cut the front and back covers off a large cereal box (we used an 18-ounce box) and tape the pieces together on three sides.
  2. Punch two holes at the top for threading ribbon, then punch corresponding holes in a stack of coloring pages or recycled office paper.
  3. Fill the pocket with some of the paper and tie the rest on the front. When your child needs a clean sheet, simply untie the ribbon and replace the decorated pages with new ones.