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Button Blossoms Craft

Button Blossoms Craft

Total Time 1 hour Ages school-age

A posy of pinwheeling blooms turns a plain tee into a wearable garden. Each flower is fashioned from looped ribbon and fastened with a button. It's a great project for a rainy afternoon - and the perfect shirt for a sunny one.

What you'll need

  • 20-inch lengths of ribbon (we used 5/8-inch-wide grosgrain)
  • Needle and thread
  • Buttons
  • T-shirt or tank

How to make it

Button Blossoms - Step 1

1. To make each flower, form six 1 1/2-inch loops in the ribbon as shown.

2. Sew a few stitches through the flower's center to secure the loops.

3. Place the flower on the T-shirt. Attach it by sewing a button in the center of the flower, running the thread through both the flower and the shirt. Repeat the process to add more flowers.