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Bedikat Chametz Craft

Bedikat Chametz Craft

Total Time 1 hour

According to Hebrew faith, the night before Passover families are obligated to search their homes for chametz. Chametz, meaning leaven or yeast, or food mixed with leaven, are prohibited during the Passover. In order to search for the chametz you will need a candle to see where light won't reach, a feather for sweeping crumbs, a paper bag for gathering the chametz, and lastly a wooden spoon for Kabalistic reasons. Make this cute craft to display your knowledge of your faith.

by Amanda Formaro

What you'll need

  • 8 ½" x 11" piece of cardboard
  • 1 sheet felt in a light and matching dark color (lt. green and dk. green, lt. blue and dk. blue, etc)
  • Felt: goldenrod, orange, cream, tan and off white
  • Feather
  • Scissors
  • White craft glue

Helpful Tip:

1. Add a hanger by taping a piece of yarn to the back of your creation. 2. Use this fun project as a teaching aid for temple. 3. Have children use the finished craft project to tell their story of how to search for the chametz.

How to make it

  1. Glue light colored sheet of felt to cardboard, trim if needed.
  2. Cut a candle from the off-white felt.
  3. Cut a flame shape for the candle from the orange felt, and cut a smaller flame shape from the goldenrod felt.
  4. Cut a rectangle from the tan felt for the paper bag. Cut a jagged edge at one end of the rectangle for the opening of the bag. Cut another piece, same width as the bag, about 1/3 the height, this is the folded pleat at the bottom of the bag.
  5. Cut a wooden spoon from the cream colored felt.
  6. Glue all pieces onto the light colored felt. Start with the candle and flame (goldenrod goes on top of the orange), then glue the feather on next. The paper bag is glued on next and lastly, the wooden spoon is put into place.
  7. Cut a border from the dark colored felt and glue around the edges as a frame.