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Water Ring | Practical Jokes

Water Ring

Your child can greet friends and family on April Fools' Day with a handshake they won't soon forget: one that leaves their hand dripping wet. The trick is in the saturated sponge cleverly concealed in his palm.


  • Button (the kind with a shank)
  • 5-inch pipe cleaner
  • New kitchen sponge
  • Scissors


Water Ring - Step 1

1. To make his own underhanded piece of jewelry, help your child thread a button onto a 5-inch length of pipe cleaner, then wrap the pipe cleaner loosely around the ring or middle finger of his right hand. Twist the pipe cleaner once or twice to make a ring, then remove the ring.

Water Ring - Step 2

2. Wrap the pipe cleaner ends around a 1/2- by 1-inch rectangle cut from a new kitchen sponge. Trim any excess, then bend under the pipe cleaner ends for safety.

3. Wet the sponge so it's thoroughly soaked but not dripping, then have your child put the ring on his right hand with the sponge concealed in his palm. Remind him to look his victim right in the eye while he shakes his hand — and be ready to run!