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Tube Cubbies | All Kids' Room Crafts

Tube Cubbies

Total Time Needed: 1-2 Hours

These inexpensive display racks can be made from whatever size cardboard tube best suits your child's toy car and truck collection. We used builders' tubes (sold at lumberyards and home supply stores) for the large version and mailing tubes (available at office and postal supply stores) for the Matchbox car holder


  • Builders' tubes
  • Craft knife or hacksaw
  • Low-temperature hot glue or black metal binder clips


  1. Using a craft knife or hacksaw (parents only), cut the tubes just longer than the items to be stored, neatening the cuts with scissors, if necessary
  2. Paint the tubes if you like and let them dry.
  3. We assembled the smaller cubby by first marking each line of contact, then gluing with a bead of low-temperature hot glue. The larger model is fastened with black metal binder clips, whose road hazard motif was created with strips of yellow craft tape.


Draw a line around the tube to ensure a straight cut.