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Summer Billfold | Father's Day Gift Ideas for Dad

Summer Billfold

Make a lightweight wallet that holds just the essentials for a quick summer trip to the ice-cream shop.


  • 11-1/2- by 10-1/2-inch piece of Tyvek (the durable material often used for envelopes)
  • Painter's tape
  • Paper
  • Clear contact paper or packing tape
  • Markers (optional)


Summer Billfold - Step 1

1. Fold the Tyvek into thirds lengthwise (A).

Summer Billfold - Step 2

2. Fold over a 3-1/2-inch section (B).

Summer Billfold - Step 3

3. Fold over the remaining section so that its edge meets the first fold (C), then unfold it.

Summer Billfold - Step 4

4. Create the card pocket: line up a length of painter's tape with the edge of the shorter flap and wrap the tape's ends around the top and bottom edges of the billfold as shown (D), without sealing the opening. Wrap the side and bottom edges of the wallet with tape.

5. Add a photo and a word balloon with clear contact paper or packing tape. Decorate the wallet with tape or markers.