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Snow Mosaic | All Family Winter Crafts

Snow Mosaic

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

Create a snowy self-portrait that doubles as a tasty treat for animals who might stop by to admire and sample your work.


  • Birdseed (such as sunflower seeds and cracked corn)
  • Fruits and vegetables (like apples, kale and carrots)
  • Food coloring
  • Pump bottles


Snow Mosaic - Step 1

1. Start by prepping your art materials; fill the pump bottles with different hues of food-color-tinted water and cut up various fruits and vegetables. Then take the materials outside.

Snow Mosaic - Step 2

2. Next, start your masterpiece by lying back in the snow to make a body print. Gently rock your body to pack the print, then carefully get up (you may need a friend's help).

3. Create a portrait by filling in the shape with the seeds and vegetable pieces and adding details with the colored water.


Younger kids may find it easier to work with fewer materials and to use cups or small pitchers (instead of their hands) to pour lines of seed. Remember to have the artists sign their initials somewhere, too!