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Treasure Chest Cake Recipe

Treasure Chest Cake Recipe

Your swashbucklers can leave the Pirate Party with quite a haul, such as gummy fish, temporary tattoos, chocolate coins or candy jewelry. They can dig these treasures out of the Treasure Chest Cake at the end of the hunt (just be sure everyone gets an even number of prizes).


1 baked 13- x 9- x 2-inch cake

6 cups chocolate frosting

Edible treasures, such as chocolate coins, Rolo candies, chocolate almond kisses or Necco Wafers

Red Fruit by the Foot

Mini jawbreakers

Candy jewels, such as candy necklaces and rock candy


Treasure Chest Cake Step 1

1. Cut a section approximately 2-inches wide in the center of the cake. The two remaining 5 1/2- x 9- x 2-inch rectangular pieces will form the bottom and top of the chest.

2. Slice the 2-inch section on an angle to form two long triangular wedges. Place the wedges on the bottom half of the chest, about an inch apart. Both wedges should face the same direction (tall end toward the front of the cake) as they will support the top of the treasure chest and keep it propped open. Then frost the bottom half of cake, including the wedges.

3. To add further support for the top of the chest, stand a few large gold coins under the lid.

4. With the "hinged" end (left side of photo) at the back, place the top of the chest on the bottom and frost.

5. Wrap the fruit leather straps around the chest and press mini jawbreaker "nails" into the frosting alongside the straps. Fill the chest and the surrounding area with edible treasures and jewels.