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A Mermaid's Tale | Homemade Doll Crafts

A Mermaid's Tale

There's nothing fishy about these charming mermaids, made of old-fashioned clothespins, yarn, and paint.


  • acrylic paint
  • peg clothespin
  • markers
  • yarn
  • cardboard
  • tacky glue
  • green craft foam
  • tail template


  1. For each, use acrylic paint to coat the bottom two thirds of a peg clothespin. Paint a figure eight shape for the bikini top. Draw on a face with markers.
  2. For the hair, gently wrap yarn several times around a 4-inch piece of cardboard. Tie the loop with a short length of yarn, then cut the loop at the point opposite the tie. Spread tacky glue onto the head of the clothespin. Lay it down onto the yarn bundle, pressing pieces of yarn onto the head to frame the face.
  3. Use our template to cut a tail from green craft foam. Dab some glue on the tail and slide it in place.