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Thanksgiving Crafts: Thankful Tree Decoration

Thankful Tree Decoration

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

This project makes a wonderful annual tradition that your family can really grow into.


  • Flowerpot
  • Art sand (sold at craft supply stores)
  • Bare tree branch
  • Colored craft foam
  • Scissors
  • Permanent marker
  • Large ornament hanger or straightened paper clip


  1. Fill a flowerpot with sand and set in a shapely bare tree branch.
  2. Next, cut a pile of leaf shapes from colored craft foam.
  3. As your guests arrive, have them take a leaf and, with a permanent marker, write their name and the date on one side and something they're grateful for on the other.
  4. To decorate your tree, push a large ornament hanger or straightened paper clip through the stem of each leaf and hang it in place.