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Terrific Trivets | Kids' Painting Ideas

Terrific Trivets

A ceramic square makes a perfect little canvas: it's flat, white, and, oh, did we mention cheap? At about 50 cents, it's one of the best deals around. Plus, a hand-painted trivet is the perfect way to say, "You warm my heart (without burning the table)."


  • porcelain paint
  • plastic bowls
  • porcelain paint pens (we used Pebeo brand)
  • masking tape
  • paper and pencil
  • ceramic tiles (ours are 6-inch squares), cleaned with rubbing alcohol to remove fingerprints and dust
  • paintbrushes
  • cotton swabs
  • cup of water and paper towel (for rinsing and drying brushes between colors)
  • self-adhesive felt or cork circles


  1. Sketch out a design with paper and pencil.
  2. Pour the paint colors you need into the plastic bowls. Decorate your tile by painting or drawing. If you don't like your results and want to start over, just wash the tile in the sink.
  3. Follow instructions for setting the porcelain paint (from the paint packaging), and stick four felt or cork circles to the bottom of each trivet.


MASKING: Use the tape to block off a clean frame around the edge of the tile. Peel off the tape as soon as you're done painting.

OVER-DRAWING: Paint the tile, let it dry (around half an hour), then add details with paint pens.

Q-TIP TIP: A cotton swab can be used to stamp dots, and a damp one can be used as an eraser before the paint dries.