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Sun Screen | Easy Crafts for Kids

Sun Screen

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

Your child can easily fashion her own version of a classic piece of summertime gear with this versatile design.


  • Craft foam
  • Curly shoelaces
  • Scissors


Sun Screen - Step 1

1. To make one, first help her draw a visor shape (ours is about 9½ inches from temple to temple with a 3¾ -inch-wide brim) on a piece of craft foam and cut it out.

Sun Screen - Step 2

2. Use scissors or a craft knife to cut a small X at each temple, then decorate the visor with precut stick-on craft foam shapes (or cut your own from sticky-back craft foam). Finally, pull the first few loops of a curly shoelace through the 2 X's, adjusting it to fit your child's head.