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Space Cake Recipe

Space Cake Recipe

Surprise your family with a space rocket cake that'll make their spirits soar.


  • Baked 13 x 9 inch cake
  • White frosting
  • Red and blue M&M's
  • Red gel icing
  • Candles (optional)


Space Cake step 1

1. To construct this high-flying cake, simply cut and assemble a baked 13- by 9-inch cake as shown.

Space Cake step 2

2. Cover the cake with white frosting, then set in place red and blue M&M's for rivets and pipe on red gel icing letters.

3. For an added flair, insert candles in the bottom of the rocket and let them burn briefly (with adult supervision, of course) before cutting and serving the cake.


You can cut the longer, unused cake pieces into smaller chunks and place them around the rocket for space debris.