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Craft: Paper Blossoms

Craft: Paper Blossoms

Total Time Needed: 1-2 Hours

Mom: If you wish springtime flowers could last and last, here's the gift for you: tiny tissue paper buds that serve as a pretty, graceful reminder that love blooms eternal.

Kids: A bare branch, tissue paper, and glue are all it takes to present Mom with a bouquet of delicate, easy-care blossoms she'll love.


  • Bare branch
  • Tissue paper
  • Glue


Paper Blossoms - Step 1

1. Use a glue stick to attach green tissue paper triangles (1- to 2-inch squares cut in half on the diagonal) to 1- to 2-inch squares of pink tissue paper (the exact placement isn't important).

2. Shape each pair of tissues into a bud by wrapping them, pink side in, over the point of a dull pencil. Slide the blossom off the pencil a bit and twist the end into a small point. Then use craft glue (we used Kids Choice) to fix the twisted end of the bud to a clean and dry bare branch.