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Snow Family | Christmas Card Crafts for Kids

Snow Family

Total Time Needed: Afternoon Or Evening

Using the home computer to its best advantage, this card idea, supplied by the Lotocky family of Poughkeepsie, New York, is easy to make because the computer does all the work.


  • Home computer, paint program, photo-editing software, scanner, snowman clip art (available with software and on the Web)
  • Photos of your kids


  1. Take a single piece of snowman clip art, duplicate five times, reduce, and reposition as needed using a paint program. (The Lotocky family uses LivePix Deluxe, but any capable paint program will do.)
  2. Next, take a good recent photo of each of your children, scan them, and use a photo-editing program to crop around the heads.
  3. Import the images back into the paint program and position them, then zoom in close to clean up the edges pixel by pixel. Print and fold your cards.


If you don't own a scanner, don't worry: most copy shops can scan photos for you. Alternatively, have your prints burned onto a CD-ROM when you have them developed.